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criminal defence Blogs

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Revenge Porn | Everything You Need To Know

Recent studies into revenge porn reveal that there has been a 60% rise in cases when compared to the previous year, with an estimated 2,700 reports. Most commonly, reported incidents have come from those in their teens and their mid-twenties. In this article, we have...

Drink Driving : Laws, Penalties and Facts

What are the laws surrounding drink driving?| 5 minute readIn 2018, TV's Ant McPartlin received a 20-month driving ban and an £86,000 fine for drink driving, one of the largest "driving under the influence" fines ever issued in the UK. The presenter was driving a mini...

What Is Defamation Of Character?

In the UK, both "slander" and "libel" are legal terms that fall under the more encompassing term of defamation of character. Slander describes an individual who uses words as a form of defamation, and libel is a form of written defamation. Below, our team details the...

What Is A Community Order Offence?

What is A Community Order Offence? | 5 minute readIn the UK, community orders are often used to punish first-time offenders who commit serious crimes. These types of sentences involve individuals carrying out specific tasks and requirements in the community, opposed...

Violent Crimes and Their Punishments

Violent crimes and their legal penalties | 5 minute read A criminal defence lawyer will have to confront many crimes during their career, including fraud, theft and negligence. However, no case will leave so large an impact, on both victim and accused, as a violent...

How can I identify a phishing email?

How can I identify a phishing email?

Phishing Email Blog | Read time: 10-12 Minutes. Table of contents: 1. The history of phishing emails 2. What is phishing? 3. What is a sophisticated phishing attack? 4. What is a basic phishing attack? 5. How have phishing attacks impacted the LGBT+ community? 6....

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