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Welcome to the LGBT lAWYERS BLOG HUB.

At LGBT Lawyers, we believe that every member of the LGBT community should have access to a whole encyclopedia of legal information, no matter your legal issue.

That’s why our team of marketing executives have come together to create a space where everyone can have access to blogs, articles and informational pieces about legal issues, and the latest LGBT cases in the news and media.

So whether you’re starting your LGBT family, getting married, getting divorced, writing your will, or many other things, we hope this hub provides you with as much information as possible.

What is a Prenup and Why are They Important for LGBT Couples?

What is a Prenup and Why are They Important for LGBT Couples?

Prenups | Read Time 4-5 Minutes.  Having the "prenup conversation" can be difficult. A prenup implies that you're already thinking about divorce. That your partner doesn't trust you. That one of you wants to protect their enormous wealth from the other. Right? Well,...

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News & Media


From legal cases to politics, charities to celebrities, this page has opinions and inside on recent LGBT issues, straight from the LGBT Lawyers team.


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When two or more people (parties) want compensation in money or action instead of criminal punishment, it is a civil litigation matter and we can help. Our blogs and insights have all the information you need.


LGBT Lawyers Discrimination

Criminal defence

When you’ve been charged with an offence, however serious, you’ll need the best possible representation to ensure justice is carried out.

For more details, take a look at our blogs and insights.


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Our blogs and insights discuss all discriminatory issues, from hate crime to harassment. Our team look at the latest cases and issues in the media, as well as providing tips and information to individuals who are experiencing discrimination.


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Take a look at our blogs for more innformation on abuse or unfair treatment in the workplace. It can have a huge knock-on effect on your whole life, so let us help you through it.


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Family Law

Family relationships have a unique significance for members of the LGBT community, whether they involve children, marriage, divorce or cohabitation. Have a read of our blogs for information and opinions on all things Family Law.


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Landlord & Tenant

Anything to do with tenancy agreements, rent, health & safety, repairs, bills or deposits, our blogs and insights will provide you with everything you need to know, whether you are the landlord or the tenant.


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Not having a professionally-formed, watertight document can mean your wishes are not respected. We can help you change that. Take a look at our blogs and insights on all things Wills & Probate



LGBT History Month


For LGBT History Month 2021, LGBT Lawyers created a variety of blogs, articles and infographics about important LGBT events and figures from history. Take a look at our work.


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What Does Intersex Mean?

What Does Intersex Mean?

what does intersex mean? | Read Time 8 Minutes.What is intersex? Intersex is an umbrella term used to describe the differences in sex traits. It is also used to describe the reproductive anatomy that does not seem to fit the typical female binary definitions. For...

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