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Civil Litigation is a term used for non-criminal law disputes. It comes from the term “Civil Law” and can cover a huge area of disputes and disagreements.

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Not sure which part of civil litigation your case comes under? Not to worry, our LGBT lawyers can help with all of the below.



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Our Civil Litigation Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution

When situations get tense, emotions can run high and it can be hard to think of how to defuse a situation. Our partner lawyers can talk through your options and bring your dispute to a close.

Find out more about alternative dispute resolution.

Boundary Disputes

What are you supposed to do when your neighbour refuses to repair the fence between your two gardens? Our partner dispute lawyers can advise you on this.

Find out more about boundary disputes.

Challenging a Legal Bill

It can be difficult to know where to start if you think your own solicitor has overcharged you. Unfortunately, this can happen, but our partner lawyers can help you recover your money.

Find out more about challenging a legal bill.

Commercial Disputes

Are you a business owner? Your business should never be held to ransom over a dispute with another business. From contract disputes to outstanding invoices, our partner lawyers will protect your cash flows.

Find out more about commercial disputes.

Debt Recovery

Asking someone for money back can be awkward, and even more so if it’s thousands of pounds. There are set processes in place to have debts paid back that our partner lawyers can help with.

Find out more about debt recovery.

Licensing Reviews

If you’re a pub, club, or off-licence owner, your alcohol licence is tied to the bottom line. Our partner lawyers will help you fend off any licensing reviews you face to ensure your business can continue running.

Find out more about licensing reviews.

Professional Negligence

If you think that someone who has failed to comply with their contracted service duties, then you may be a victim of professional negligence. 

Find out more about professional negligence.

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