Applying For A Grant Of Probate: Complete Guide

by | May 26 2021 | Wills & Probate

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Applying for a grant of probate? | Read Time 3-5 Minutes.

It is a sensitive topic, but after someone dies, you may be in charge of sorting out their assets (property, money, and other possessions). This process is referred to as “probate”. It is advised to seek legal assistance as a lawyer can reduce the stress and time associated with the process.

If you have been named as an executor in a will, don’t worry; this blog contains everything you need to know about applying for a grant of probate.

What is a grant of probate?

In simple terms, a grant of probate is a legal document required to distribute the estate of someone who has died. A grant of probate confirms the authority of the executor to administer the estate. After the document has been acquired, the executors can sort the legal, tax and administrative duties associated with estate administration.

You are not able to deal with their assets (bank accounts, property, business) until a legal authority to act has been acquired. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, this is referred to as the grant of probate.

Do I need a grant of probate?

In most circumstances, you will need to acquire a grant of probate to act as the executor of someone’s estate. However, if the estate is valued under £10,000, you will not need to acquire a grant of probate. Furthermore, if the deceased owned everything jointly with another person, the ownership will be transferred on their death.

If you want to distribute someone’s estate without applying for the grant of probate, the executor will need to contact institutions such as investment brokers and banks. This is to inform them that the individual has died by providing a copy of the death certificate.

If someone dies without making a will, the process will be different and require letters of administration. For more information with regards to dying without a will, please visit our blog on intestacy.

applying for grant of probate checklist

Checklist for Grant of Probate

Below we have comprised an applying for a grant of probate checklist to find out exactly what you need to do when applying for a grant of probate. The following headings represent the steps taken when applying for the grant:

Estimating the value yourself can lead to complex issues if HMRC challenge that you undervalued the property.
In Northern Ireland fees the cost of applying for probate is £220.
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