Sylvia Rivera: A Brief History of The LGBT Legend

by | Feb 1 2021 | LGBT History Month

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Welcome to our infographic series “A Brief History Of…”

This series is designed to be fun, interesting and educational. Whatsmore, we will be releasing a new piece weekly throughout LGBT History Month. In fact, we hope to be releasing a new infographic each week for the foreseeable future.

Our aim is to cover a variety of important LGBT issues from history. For example, we will be looking at people, events and legislations, such as the Section 28 Act. Our series is also designed to be child friendly, so we can continue to spread the LGBT message.

In this piece of our series we look at the life and achievements of Sylvia Rivera. We will look at Sylvia Rivera’s life and her involvements with The Stonewall Riots. Whatsmore, we will take a look at her story and the impacts  she had on the LGBT movement.

Sylvia Rivera was a pioneer in the fight for trans rights. She spent her life fighting for the LGBT movement, especially the transgender community.

Sylvia Rivera was active within the LGBT community for years, including riots, protests and creating charities. Furthermore, she never stopped fighting for herself and for the rights of her people.

Take a look, and we hope you enjoy learning!

Sylvia Rivera: A Brief History
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