Transgender Awareness Week

by | Nov 30 2020 | News & Media

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Kitty Leask LGBT Lawyers
By Kitty Leask
Kitty is the latest addition to LGBT Lawyers' team. A member of the LGBT community herself, Kitty dedicates her time to promoting the LGBT fight for equality and is here to help all of our clients find the right lawyer to support their case.

Transgender Awareness Week | Read Time 5-8 Minutes. 



Transgender Awareness Week is held annually in the UK between the 13 and 19 of November. Transgender Awareness Week invites the general public to take another look at their attitudes towards the Trans community.

From films to talks, podcasts to rallies (for example) Transgender Awareness Week is a celebration of the transgender community. It is a time to raise visibility about the issues that they face.


TRANSGENDER REMEMBRANCE DAY and transgender awareness week

Transgender Remembrance Day honours the memory of the Transgender people whose lives were lost because of Trans violence.  The Transgender Day of Remembrance started in 1999 to commemorate the death of Rita Hester. Rita was a ranswoman who was stabbed to death in her apartment the year before Trans Remembrance Day was started.

Gwendolyn Ann Smith, who started the foundation in Hester’s memory quotes:

“Transgender day of remembrance seeks to highlight the losses we face due to anti-transgender bigotry and violence… it is vitally important that those we lose are remembered, and that we continue to fight for justice.”

Transgender Awareness week aims to educate the general public on what it means to be Transgender. It is important to know how we can ease Transgender transition into the community.

TRANSGENDER VIOLENCE and why transgender awareness week is important


2020 has recorded 350 Transgender deaths (11/11/2020). Transgender individuals globally have been historically subjected to violence. The brutal violence enforced on Transgender people all over the world has been referred to as an “epidemic of violence.” As a result, a study in The Guardian even stated that:

“Transgender people in England and Wales are twice as likely to be victims of crime as cisgender people.”

The Stonewall charity recently submitted their “Trans report”, which surveyed Transgender people across the UK. Of those people interviewed, for example, the report revealed that:


  • “28% faced domestic abuse from a partner last year (2019)
  • 40% changed, hid or altered the way they presented themselves to avoid harassment.
  • 53% of Trans people aged 18-24 have experienced a hate crime in the past year (2019) and of those people, 79% chose not to report it to the police.
  • 44% of those surveyed avoid certain streets and areas of their cities as they don’t feel safe alone as a member of the LGBT community.”


The list of injustices, discriminations and abuse in this report is endless. It is a sad fact that many members of the public don’t know how to understand what being Transgender means. However, there is no excuse for the violence and abuse that often follows.

Transgender awareness and acceptance is rapidly growing in the UK, however,  there in undoubtedly room for improvement.

The easiest way for anyone to understand the Transgender community is to be educated on the matter. Understanding comes from knowledge and asking questions. For instance, Transgender awareness week hosts a huge variety of seminars, films and specialist web pages. The week also include guest speakers for  a variety of Transgender issues and areas to help educate people.

Charities such as GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and organisations such as Trades Union Congress ( TUC) have released online programmes of events and screenings during Trans awareness week, as well as informative articles and posts on Trans history and issues.

The Office for National statistics are also working on creating a standard process for recording violence against trans people. As a result, more people are becoming aware of the statistics of violence against the trans community.



At LGBT Lawyers our primary concern for members of the Trans community is their safety and ensuring they have the correct representation for any legal matters. Events like Transgender Awareness Week are crucial in understanding the Trans community, and at LGBT Lawyers we understand how sensitive legal matters surrounding Transgender cases can be.  If you are a victim of transphobia, our discrimination page has all the information that you might need to help you.

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