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LGBT Lawyers Blog of the Week

What is a PA1P Form?

PA1P FORM | Read Time 2-4 Minutes. When a loved one passes away, sorting out their estate and getting affairs in order can be a stressful ordeal. Applying for probate can take a long time, and filling in forms such as a PA1P form or an IHT400 form can be complex...

What Is A Community Order Offence?

In the UK, community orders are often used to punish first-time offenders who commit serious crimes. These types of sentences involve individuals carrying out specific tasks and requirements in the community, opposed to serving time in prison. If you are facing an...

Blogs and Insights by Area

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When two or more people (parties) want compensation in money or action instead of criminal punishment, it is a civil litigation matter and we can help. Our blogs and insights have all the information you need. 


LGBT Lawyers Discrimination

Criminal defence

When you’ve been charged with an offence, however serious, you’ll need the best possible representation to ensure justice is carried out. For more details, take a look at our blogs and insights.



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Our blogs and insights on discrimination are for you if you being treated unfairly or differently because of who you are.




Women being fired - employment disputes LGBT Lawyers 6


Take a look at our blogs for more innformation on abuse or unfair treatment in the workplace. It can have a huge knock-on effect on your whole life, so let us help you through it.



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Family Law

Family relationships have a unique significance for members of the LGBT community, whether they involve children, marriage, divorce or cohabitation. Have a read of our blogs for information and opinions on all things Family Law.


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Our blogs can help give you more information, whether you’re extending a UK visa, applying for the right to work, or applying for an extended stay.



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Landlord & Tenant

Anything to do with tenancy agreements, rent, health & safety, repairs, bills or deposits, our blogsand insights will provide you with everything you need to know, whether you are the landlord or the tenant.


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Not having a professionally-formed, watertight document can mean your wishes are not respected. We can help you change that. Take a look at our blogs and insights on all things Wills & Probate