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Wills & Probate Blogs

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The Probate Process: A Guide By LGBT Lawyers

The Probate Process: A Guide By LGBT Lawyers

Probate Process | Read Time 8-10 Minutes.  What is the probate process? Probate, put simply, is the legal process of handling a person's estate when they have passed away. This generally includes property, finances and assets (possessions). Normally, the person who is...


Intestacy | Read Time 5 Minutes. Intestacy is when a person passes away without leaving a valid will. In this case, they are said to die “intestate” or “testate.” Intestacy can also apply when an individual does leave a valid will, but has failed to specify what will...

Power of Attorney: Do I need one?

Power of Attorney | Read Time 3-5 Minutes. No one wants to think that one day they might lack the ability to make decisions for themselves. If you’re asking yourself; why do I need a power of attorney? Remember that it’s all about preparing for the future. To make...

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