What is Section 28? A Brief History

by | Feb 8 2021 | LGBT History Month

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By Kitty Leask
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Welcome to our infographic series “A Brief History Of…”

This series is designed to be fun, interesting and educational. Whatsmore, we will be releasing a new piece weekly throughout LGBT History Month. In fact, we hope to be releasing a new infographic each week for the foreseeable future.

Our aim is to cover a variety of important LGBT issues from history. For example, we will be looking at people, events and legislations, such as the Stonewall Riots. Our series is also designed to be child friendly, so we can continue to spread the LGBT message.

In this piece of our series we will ask the question, what is Section 28? We will take a look at the Section 28 Act, the people affected and the impact it had on the LGBT movement.

What is section 28?

Section 28 was a legislation that came into fruition in 1988. The legislation banned the promotion of anything to do with homosexuality or the LGBT community. This included any form of books, literature or media.

The legislation was met with a huge amount of backlash from the LGBT community, which led to many riots and protests. Unfortunately, Section 28 was in place for over 15 years and was only removed in 2003 in England. 

There is a lot of history that surrounds the legislation and it’s place in 1980’s England. So, if you’re asking yourself, what is Section 28? Look no further! LGBT Lawyers has the answers.

Take a look, and we hope you enjoy learning!

What is Section 28
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