Same Sex Marriage in the UK: A Brief History

by | Jan 28 2021 | LGBT History Month

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Kitty Leask LGBT Lawyers
By Kitty Leask
Kitty is the latest addition to LGBT Lawyers' team. A member of the LGBT community herself, Kitty dedicates her time to promoting the LGBT fight for equality and is here to help all of our clients find the right lawyer to support their case.

Welcome to our infographic series “A Brief History Of…”

Our infographic series is designed to be fun, interesting and educational. Whatsmore, we will be releasing a new piece throughout LGBT History Month. In fact, we hope to be releasing a new infographic each week for the foreseeable future.

Our aim is to cover a variety of important LGBT issues from history. For example, we will be looking at people, legislation’s and events, such as the Section 28 Act. Our series is also designed to be child friendly, so we can continue to spread the LGBT message.

In this piece of our series we look at Same Sex Marriage in the UK. This piece will discuss the history of same sex marriage in the UK, the people it has affected and what the impact it had on the LGBT movement.

Our short infographic discusses the long road to legalising same sex marriage, taking a look at the legal history and the changes across the UK.

Same sex marriage in the UK has a long history, and the road to equality has been difficult. Same Sex Marriage has been essential in the fight for equality, and is a very popular option for LGBT couples today. 

Take a look, and we hope you enjoy learning!

LGBT Lawyers A Brief History of The Legalisation of Same Sex Marriage in The UK
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